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Nutrition and Diet for Mesothelioma Patients

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Nutrition and diet can play several important roles in mesothelioma treatment. Both cancer and cancer treatments can lead to malnutrition. Proper nutrition is necessary to support your overall health, your ability to tolerate cancer treatments, and to maintain the highest quality of life. Special diets may be recommended to help prepare you for treatments, to help minimize the side effects while you undergo treatments, or to manage symptoms as a part of palliative care. Some patients may also choose to use diet and nutrition to directly address the cancer.

Nutritional Therapy for All Mesothelioma Patients

Cancer changes the way your body metabolizes nutrients. It can also cause loss of appetite and nausea. People with mesothelioma often have suppressed immune systems, creating even more specialized dietary requirements to prevent secondary conditions. All mesothelioma patients need the proper nutrition and dietary support. Some of the goals include:

  • Preventing malnutrition
  • Correcting malnutrition
  • Preventing muscle loss
  • Preventing bone loss
  • Maintaining the immune system to prevent infection
  • Maintaining physical strength
  • Maintaining energy and fighting fatigue
  • Improving quality of life
  • Helping the body tolerate surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy
  • Targeting specific digestive system symptoms

Mesothelioma Diet

In general, mesothelioma patients require more calories, need more protein and fat, and are advised to avoid fiber and other substances that can aggravate symptoms of mesothelioma and its treatments. Each patient is unique. A nutritionist can help customize a diet that fits your needs, and your needs may be different at different times:

  • What you need to eat while you are preparing your body for aggressive cancer treatments will be very different to what you can eat while you undergo treatment.
  • Other health conditions, such as diabetes, still need to be taken into consideration when planning your diet.
  • As gastrointestinal symptoms develop, your diet needs to be tailored to accommodate them and improve them.
  • Your sense of taste may change and you may no longer enjoy your favorite foods, making it more difficult to eat.

Diet and Nutrition as a Cancer Treatment or Preventative

Certain foods and nutrients have cancer fighting properties. These may be useful in helping your body fight off mesothelioma and in helping prevent the development of other cancers, caused by asbestos, while your body is weakened by mesothelioma. Anti-oxidants are the most well-known cancer fighting nutrients, and they help support your overall health as well.